Alison Goldfrapp

Alison Goldfrapp


Pitch Shift 1


c-type print UNFRAMED

Print size: 21cmHx30cmW

Edition of 10

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+ About the work

For Alison Goldfrapp the urban and natural landscape of volcanic islands has been a huge influence. Allison Goldfrapp explains "Pitchshift 1 is one image from an ongoing series that explores transformation, form and landscape. The title references mythological shapeshifting, natural asphalt and a recording technique, in which the pitch of a sound can be changed.”

+ About the artist

Alison Goldfrapp is a British artist and musician based in London. She studied fine art before embarking on a career in music that has spanned more than twenty five years. Drawing, music and photography have all played an equally vital role in her creative expression. Recently, Goldfrapp curated the exhibition ‘Performer as Curator’ at The Lowry, Salford.