Loreal Prystaj

Loreal Prystaj


4th of July


b/w bromide UNFRAMED

Image size: 33cmH x 22.5cmW

Print size: 33cmH x 22.5cmW

Edition of 30

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+ About the work

While revisiting her own home in American suburbia, she was re-acquainted with motifs and interior decorations that are used in the life-long act by women to ‘play house’.

Here the artist embodies the tropes of a respected interior and performs as a ‘prop’, to transform these familiar spaces of genteel feminity into a charged room, where the forbidden is made visisble. She says: "I attempt to reclaim these estranged and alienating domestic spaces, and turn the gaze back to destabilize suburban normality and attempt to free myself and the next generations from the restrictions disallowing women to feel liberated."

+ About the artist

Loreal Prystaj is an American artist whose work focuses on the subconscious and questions the inherited psyche. By performing the self as a cultural motif Prystaj transforms familiar spaces into a mise-en-scène, that disrupt the conventions of feminity, of the home as well as the genres of photography.